Friday, January 30, 2009

Coles offer Australian EVOO at $3.99 for 500ml

Coles supermarket is offering its own brand of Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil for $3.99 per bottle – three dollars less than Woolworths Select Brand ($6.99) in an adjacent Safeway (Woolworths) store. At this price the Coles product is excellent value and undercuts many of the imported brands.

The price comparison of Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil below was conducted on 30 January at Coles and Safeway supermarkets in the same arcade in a Melbourne suburb.

Coles has 10 Australian EVOO Brands on the shelves while there are 7 on Safeway shelves.

Australian EVOO Brand Shelf price
500ml bottle Coles Safeway

$ $
Coles Brand 3.99
Jingilli 7.50 7.99
ProChef 7.79
Red Island 8.49 7.99
Ollo 8.99 7.85
Cobram Estate 8.99 5.99
Olive Grove 9.25
Woolworths Select

375ml bottle

Viva 5.00 5.24
Always Fresh 5.49 5.49
Cobram Estate 5.99
Kyneton 7.29