Friday, April 13, 2012

Large importer of olive oil into the US first to join quality programme.

Pompeian Inc, one of the largest importers of olive oil into the United States, has become the first company to participate in the USDA quality programme for olive oil.

Reported in the Olive Oil Times, the move is the first direct response to efforts to improve the quality of olive oil available to consumers in the US.

Interestingly the first company to join the voluntary standard regime is an importer and the comment facility which follows the article in the Olive Oil Times is empty. Usually there is a lot of chatter following reports on quality – ironically this perceived win has failed to attract any accolades.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Olive oil imports into Australia back up again.

Imports of olive oil into Australia in January 2012 increased by almost 1200 tonnes
compared with the same month in 2011. This follows substantial dips in imports in November and December.

Overall imports into Australia dropped by 10% in the four months to January 2012. Canada showed an 18% decrease in imports and the USA a 10% increase over the same period.
(Source IOC)

Spanish olive oil production at record levels as prices hit record lows

The Spanish Olive Oil Agency reports that Spanish olive oil production during 2011/2012 has all previous levels and is 185,000 tonnes above the level of the previous year. Spain produces approximately 50% of the world’s olive oil.

Prices for extra virgin olive oil are down 13% in Spain (€1.75/kg) and 28% in Italy (€2.35/kg).
(Source IOC)