Sunday, November 23, 2008

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes 2009

Fortnum and Mason, London, UK, 27-29 May
Seville, Spain, 19-21 May

Fortnum and Mason, one of the world’s most prestigious food stores, will be the venue for the London Savantes programme in 2009. Chosen because of it’s commitment to excellence, the commercial setting of Fortnum and Mason will provide tasteful surroundings and delicious food to compliment some of the best olive oils the world has to offer for tasting.

In Spain, the leading olive oil producing country in the world, beautiful Seville will again host the Savantes programme. Surrounded by rolling plains of olive groves, Seville is steeped in cultural and food history, making it the perfect venue to explore the taste of leading olive oils from around the world. 

The Savantes programme attracts those with an interest in the olive industry who realise the importance of keeping up to date with trends in the processing, taste and uses of extra virgin olive oil. Participants include chefs, retailers, wholesalers, traders, journalists, producers, and processors from the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Savantes emphasises the culinary uses of the different flavours, styles and intensities of a wide range of olive oils which have formed the basis for many of the world’s healthiest cuisines.

In contrast with many technical olive oil classification training programmes, the emphasis is on the commercial differentiation, taste and culinary uses of extra virgin olive oils. 

The 2009 programme will be led by internationally recognised culinary and olive oil expert Judy Ridgway. Author of ‘Best Olive Oil Buys Round the World’ and many cook books and travel articles, Judy travels the world keeping up to date with taste and production trends.

Judy will be supported by farmer entrepreneur Simon Field who founded Savantes in 2001. As producer, trader, marketer and author of technical olive handbooks, Simon brings a commercial and market perspective to the programme.

To give a regional perspective in each of the locations in 2009, local experts will assist with some sessions covering culinary uses. 

For further information and booking go to or contact Simon Field on +61 3 9387 9919

13 September 2008